“The First Extensive Gamer Interacting Platform & New Generation Ads System”

Overview – “the world Anticipated & now we answer”.

Existing Game Interacting Platform has not answered what players TRULY needed – players/ advertisers/ Game Developers should all be inside one single eco system;

Game is not just about the fun & entertainment its also trend indicator; the universal culture; hints of global economic direction. On June 2017, ITA is planning to develop the world first extensive gamer interacting platform that benefits for all types of gamers/ game fans where they are able to share and interact with only but extensive ideas and contents of games; the targeted coverage will be more than multi-millions of gamers worldwide. Currently; most of the existing game social interactive platform are serving players thru information portals, highly video game focused forums and chat rooms, or in game chat rooms. None of them is responding to the latest requirements from rapid game market growth.

We are seeking for an angel investment, preferably with game background, to be able to sync with our core team on every milestone of the big development and funding.