Our Product

– “forming the PG Ecosystem”

1. Physical gamers (aged 35 ~ 60) – GAME/ GAMING is penetrated and utilized to extensive areas and sectors like educations, medial treatment, therapy, theatre, offices, sports, even the every single individuals’ planning and productivity. All of these participants are late comers but definitely the treasures to be dug out, and in fact they are also eager to learn and catch up since gaming is running the highest positive value ever in social culture and macro economy aspect. They are potential, loyal and big group of populations have strong purchasing powers though.

2. Video gamers (aged 15 ~ 35) – the newbies, casual gamers, core gamer, hard-core gamers, which are proven to be the new revenue generator. The new rising group of stars are the Retro gamers, Gaymers, and Female gamers in the field but haven’t been taken care from the mainstream media channels.

3. Game providers (Hundreds of Millions) – Big G is such a Meta and Extensive sources of game ideas library built by massive multi group of communities that may ease your mind as gamer providers. Creative ideas and Rich contents from game providers are getting more and more demanding. Many popular game ideas are also originated or inspired from streets, party, old arcades, or traditional or even from childhood, which are also the common memories of the big group of physical gamers though. In Big G we helps you connecting to what you want, what you need, and what you prefer, no matter in present or future then getting the direct answers or at least the best clues. The most advanced one is they may be able to invite different communities and interact thru our new generation Ads system for the most valuable data collection.

4. Service providers - For those researching companies, investment companies, medias, and advertisers they may also be able to get the direct market intelligences and up-to-day trends from our extensive game group of community and individual enthusiasts.

5. Offline affiliate/ stores/ distribution channels – the Internet bars, Top-up stores, gamer accessories stores, or any direct and indirect servicing partners will be targeted to acquire in order to make our ecosystem completed.