Our Services – “Ground-breaking”

Our support also includes advice and assistance with turn-key software design and development. Our professionalism and dedication to delivering the best possible results to our partners are shown by us choosing the best breed of technologies. We choose the most suitable and practical programming language and platform for our software development.

Our new generation Ads system is to meet two common but critical objectives – KPIs achievement and New media benchmark recognition.

1. Live Game Interactive based Ads – Big G allows the advertisers to host multi live video game and interact with up to 10 participants’ physically and meanwhile the unlimited fans can participate on the chat room have a guess on the result in real time as well. By that kind of real interaction, advertisers may get the most valuable feedbacks and data from users directly.

2. Live Auction room - The next approach is to open our live interacting auction room for advertisers that helps to increase their audience engagement in their new product edition, or any goods or services launch! It shall work not just among group of youngers but also the mature ones since the traditional advertising ways are getting boring with very limited impact due to lower interactive level.

3. E-sport event in 365 days - with our in house group multi video chat solution we may invite different game licensees (there are over hundreds of millions game houses worldwide) to integrate their video games into our platform and host the game party or challenge or festive fever with their fans or other new potential players or even the sleeping players in regular basis. Currently, we can support up to 10 people in one single interface but in near future it shall support more than that in AR/ VR model in our later version.

How do we acquire and market – Simple but Effective, Lower cost but Bigger impact!

At the beginning we may rely on the in house advanced technology to optimize our flow and shorten the path from user registration to very first post made by just 1 min. The idea is upon registration, the system will automatically scan and learn what game apps the player has downloaded on the phone, what browsing history of the game info and what familiar contacts has joined the same kind of games and to the end our system can generate their personalized profile and game groups automatically. We meant to create the better condition to motivate and encourage them to make at least one post for his/ her own group or say “Hi” to them then interact. They are also welcome to discover and connect to some other new gamers by having the same interest showing in their profiles. Although it is very first step, we believe its also the critical and big step towards success. The privacy is of course an option offering too!

In marketing, since one of our major markets is China where has unique culture with many followers. So we shall work with Celebrities or many Key Opinion Leaders who can lead the community and drive their best motivation for start up. However, we may not need to give the big chuck of advertising fee upfront but setting up a VIP channel for each of them and operate for them. The condition is we shall be required to commit and bring the new revenue streams for them. Giving game points away and Facebook and other social platform APIs are also a must. We shall also trade the airtime from national TV channels by giving them the free Ads or Live streaming events to the community.